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Exciting Things are Happening at Studio West in 2019!

One of the busiest recording studios south of LA is located here in Rancho Bernardo. Although Studio West has been around since the 1980s, 2018 was one of the best years ever, according to studio owner Peter Dyson.

There certainly were some big names in the studio in 2018 – artists like Lauryn Hill, actors such as Oscar-winners Richard Dreyfuss and Alan Arkin, along with world-famous John Cena. But Dyson is equally passionate about the local artists and community groups who work out of the studio.

“I regard Studio West as a resource for the local music and creative community,” said Dyson. “This May will be the sixth year we have hosted the RB Chorale for their scholarship auditions for high school students planning on studying music in college, and we gave tours to almost 500 middle and high school students last year who want to see what goes on in a working studio. Teachers can request a tour by calling or emailing the studio.”

In addition, last year Studio West saw two strong trends continue – more video and more electronic music. “Video is so important to the way we consume media nowadays and over the last few years we have really built up our competency for in-studio video shoots,” said Dyson. “We’ve also seen more electronic music production sessions this past year. I love pianos, guitars, and drums, but the computer is now an instrument too. We enjoy teaching people how to create music electronically just as much as we enjoy teaching more traditional recording techniques.”

For more information about the educational programs offered by Studio West, go to www.studiowest.com and be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page as you never know who might be in town!

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