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Finding the Fighting Spirit

Alpha Force Krav Maga Teaches Self Defense Using Natural Instincts

A mix of boxing, wrestling, realistic street fighting, and martial arts, the self-defense system of Krav Maga developed by Imi Lichtenfeld and the Israeli Defense Forces. Today, the practice is growing in popularity across the U.S. Accessible to children and adults, Alpha Force Krav Maga in Poway opened its doors in July 2018 to train and empower all students in a self-defense system that blends realistic training based on instincts.

The depth of instructor experience sets Alpha Force Krav Maga apart from other self-defense and martial arts training programs. Nancy Stroud is the head instructor and has trained with experts across the world for the last 16 years. “Enjoying the beauty and traditions of martial arts and the instincts and more explosive fighting techniques from Krav Maga, I cross-trained in both systems until 2007 when I earned my civilian instructor certification,” Nancy explained. Since then, Nancy has continued to train and study, and she passed her Expert 2 exam in Israel, May 2017, a ranking that requires significant time and training, and takes years to achieve. The Alpha Force instructors continue to train and work with KRAVolution, a global Krav Maga organization and team of self-defense specialists.

“As training continued, it became apparent that this system is the best self-defense, and so passing it on to others is mandatory in our being.”

Today, Nancy and her fellow instructors are inspired to teach because they have found Krav Maga to be the best system of self-defense. While each of the instructors started training in Krav Maga for different reasons, from confidence and coordination to avoiding domestic violence, they have all pursued instructor certification for the same reason. “As training continued, it became apparent that this system is the best self-defense, and so passing it on to others is mandatory in our being,” Nancy shared. Nancy passed training on to her daughter, Sydney, who earned her instructor certification in 2017, and inspired the new school, and teaches at Alpha Force Krav Maga.

The classes are small, personalized, and accessible for all abilities and ages. Nancy explained, “Students can expect to be welcomed, to be asked about specific expectations and needs, to be challenged, sometimes to sweat, and always to leave with a definite feeling of ‘I’ve got this.’” The small classes ensure that the students’ training is tailored for their strength and size with more training time on the mat and individualized instruction.


“Melina has found her voice with the help of Alpha Force! Since she has started classes with Nancy and the team, Melina been able to be her own advocate and has a bit more courage to say what is on her mind.” – Mitchelle DeLosReyes

Krav Maga focuses on awareness, prevention, preemptive striking, and technique to protect oneself from bullying or assaults. While personal safety is the priority, students are finding the practicality of the self-defense training also translates to seeing their “fighting spirit” across their professional and personal lives.



Name of Business: Alpha Force Krav Maga
Owners & Managers: Nancy Stroud; Sydney Stroud
Years in Position: 11 years; new instructor
Year of Establishment: 2018
Address: 13344 Poway Rd., Poway, CA 92064
Phone: 858-208-3854
Description of Business: Providing realistic self-defense training built on natural instinct.