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Is Homework Taking Too Much Time?

The bad news:
If school has always been hard for your child, this year won’t be better unless you do something else. The truth is that nothing will be better – in fact it will keep getting worse – until learning issues are solved permanently.

The good news:
Real and permanent solutions are available! Learning problems are caused when a child’s underlying processes are not working as efficiently as they could. This can be changed. With specific training in these processes, your child can become an independent and confident learner.

Is this your child?
• Has difficulty learning to decode?
• Has slow and laborious reading skills?
• Finds the common core math difficult because it requires so much reading?
• Has difficult showing comprehension in writing?
• Has messy handwriting?
• Requires ongoing tutoring to become successful?

If these problems sound familiar, Therapeutic Literacy Center can help. Parents can save money and stress for their child by seeking permanent solutions instead of long-term tutoring or school intervention programs. Therapeutic Literacy Center offers specialized cognitive therapy for reading, spelling, and math challenges, including dyslexia, ADHD, and APD with deficit-specific auditory processing therapy. Find out more by calling 858-481-2200 or visiting www.TherapeuticLiteracyCenter.com.