Giving Creativity

For the past 27 years, Tom Liguori and his wife, Susie, have lived and raised their family on their ranch in Poway. “Susie and I love the peace and tranquility of the country and the beautiful mountain views, while at the same time being a short distance to all the amenities of both a small and large city,” described Tom. “It’s an honor to be a long-time Poway resident.”

Tom – originally from The Bronx, NY – moved to San Diego many years ago to obtain his MBA from San Diego State University. He eventually landed a CEO position with National Pen, where he had two functional roles: research/development and strategy. “I had to use both my right and left brain, combining creative thought and strategy,” Tom explained. The company was ultimately sold, and it was at that time that Tom started dabbling in art. “I started with acrylics on canvas, but wanted to create something different with a unique selling proposition,” described Tom. “I discovered cell art and took six years of research and development to develop a resin that would give me the effect I was looking for.”


That was the start of his visual arts career. Today, Tom creates two distinct types of art: cell art and holography art. In cell art, Tom uses resin to pour onto canvas, all the while manipulating the canvas to reshape the cells as they form into beautiful and unique shapes. “It is a wonderful and exciting process and really gets the creative juices flowing,” shared Tom.

With holography, Tom creates striking three-dimensional images on large glass plates. For this process Tom works in a cave-like underground art studio. “The cave is a 20- by 40-foot work area, vibration-free, and insulates noise and temperature, all of which are necessary components to creating large-format holography,” Tom explained.

Name: Tom Liguori
Profession: Artist, Principal of Liguori Management
Community: Poway since 1978
Hobbies & Interests: Racing autocross, playing tennis, swimming, flying RC planes, hot yoga, business investing, learning guitar
Favorite Local Spots: Rene’s (formerly El Comal), flying RC planes at Lake Hodges, Christmas lights at Candy Cane Lane

Tom’s passion for art is fueled by his instinct to give back. Since March 2017, Tom has generated $163,000 from his artwork sales – all of which Tom has donated to charity. “I’m hoping to raise $1 million in donations in the coming years,” he added.

Tom recently exhibited his work at Art San Diego in Del Mar, and will be donating holographic ornaments to Rady’s Tree of Dreams in December.

“I find the creative process to be exciting, inspiring, intriguing, and compelling all at the same time,” shared Tom. “After a piece is completed, when others look at it and share an emotional response it is very gratifying to have evoked a deep reaction in people that share my love of the work.”