Musical Journey

The Poway Symphonette and Poway Community Choir are preparing for a whirlwind European tour this summer. Their musical itinerary will take them through the Czech Republic and Austria, starting with concerts at St. Peter’s Church in Vienna. Next up are performances at Melk Monastery in Melk, Austria, followed by four concerts in Salzburg. Those four concerts are part of the 2018 Salzburg Festival, an annual five-week event first established in 1920. The famous festival includes theatrical and musical productions, with performers from all over the world. The Poway musicians will perform at the Mirabell Garden, Dom Cathedral, and the Mozarteum University Salzburg. Poway Symphonette Artistic Director Ulli Reiner shared that her uncle, Andreas Reiner, taught trumpet and the youth band at the Mozarteum, and that this trip has special personal meaning for her.

When not performing, the Poway musicians will enjoy tours of Prague, Vienna, and Salzburg, focusing on musical history and the cities’ famous landmarks.

In addition to international travel, the groups bring high-quality performances to the Poway community – they shared a free preview concert before their tour at Poway Center for the Performing Arts this spring. The symphonette, led by Ulli, and the choir, led by Choral Director Nancy Gray, are both run through Poway Adult School. Both programs are open to new musicians, and interested community members can learn more by contacting Ulli at