by BECCA BARR | photo by Alan Smith Photography

Family on the Go


Poway residents Rebecca and Steve Crudale have been together for a long time. In fact, they met on her first day at University of Southern California, where Rebecca was studying for her bachelor’s degree and Steve was earning his master’s. They live an active lifestyle that includes their kids. “We love doing anything outdoors, in the water, and of course on the ice! Each of us skates, but only the kids and Steve play on teams. We love
to go to the beach together, boogie board, stand up paddle board, and picnic,” Rebecca stated.

Together, they have three children. Wyatt, 14, is finishing his freshman year at Poway High School. He is in Boy Scouts and is busy restoring a 1989 Ford Bronco, which he purchased with his own money. Owen, 12, is a seventh grader at Twin Peaks Middle School and loves playing
ice hockey. He will also play tackle football next season. Finally, Charlotte, 10, is a fifth grader
at Tierra Bonita Elementary. She also enjoys playing ice hockey, and has been a Girl Scout for
six years.

“There is really never a dull moment, and I love how close our family is!”

Rebecca and Steve are also on the go! Rebecca is a fitness instructor, while Steve works for the U.S. Government. When not working, Steve volunteers as a coach for the kids’ teams and helps teach developing skaters through the “learn to skate” program. Rebecca is a Scout mom. “I have been the den leader for both Owen and Wyatt back when they were in Cub Scouts and am currently on my sixth year leading Charlotte’s Girl Scout troop,” she shared. She has also volunteered for the past four years at Saint Gabriel’s as a Kindergarten Catechist and has led Arts Attack lessons and Running Club for the elementary school.

The Crudales love their busy lives. “We are an ever-active family and try to enjoy each day to its absolute fullest! We try to stress to the kids to be as involved as possible and take every opportunity to try new things because you never know what you may really enjoy,” related Rebecca. “There is really never a dull moment, and I love how close our family is!” With three kids, four chickens, three dogs, and a lizard in the house, life will always be full for the Crudales.


At – A – Glance

Parents: Rebecca Jeanne and Stephen Angelo Crudale
Children: Wyatt (14), Owen (12), Charlotte (10)
Community: Poway since 2006
Parents’ Hometowns: Rebecca – Navy family, no hometown; Steve – same!
Parents’ Occupations: Rebecca – fitness instructor, personal trainer; Steve – U.S. Government
Favorite Places to Visit in Poway: Iron Mountain, Silverset Park, and maybe Cold Stone for a treat!