Young Entrepreneur


Camden Weisbruch may only be 15 years old, but he is already a seasoned entrepreneur. His San Diego-based start-up, BeatGrid, aims to help small musical artists take the next step in achieving success. “We work to assist these artists in getting their music and themselves off the ground and out into the world. We accommodate all artists at any point in their career, and we are committed to building relationships. From the moment an artist joins BeatGrid, we become a team,” explained Camden. According to Camden, as a start-up, BeatGrid is happy to embrace the ever-evolving nature of entertainment.


Name: Camden Weisbruch (15)
School: The School for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SET High)
Grade: 10
Parents: Jennifer Weisbruch and Gail Bugbee
Favorite place in 92064: Rene’s Mexican Food and Cantina

Camden is the first to admit that establishing a business is not always easy. “There have been many challenges with BeatGrid. The most significant challenge was accepting that the original platform we were using for the website wasn’t going to fit my vision. We had to make the difficult decision to start over,” Camden said. He credits the support of his parents and the community for helping him overcome obstacles and come up with innovative solutions.

This entrepreneurial spirit is fostered not only with Camden and his colleagues at BeatGrid, but also at The School for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SET High) where Camden attends high school. “I really enjoy the community the school offers. Since it’s a smaller school, everyone knows everyone. The staff is great, and they really support the students. Their guidance has definitely helped me grow and succeed,” stated Camden. His favorite class at SET High is called Solving Big Problems. This class focuses on social entrepreneurship, and currently, Camden and his classmates are working on how to help with the issue of homelessness in San Diego. Camden also enjoys math, citing algebra and geometry as two of his favorite subjects.

In looking to the future, Camden’s first and foremost goal is for BeatGrid to be the first of many entrepreneurial endeavors. He would also like to attend a college with a great business program, preferably one that has an emphasis in social entrepreneurship. “Overall, I really just hope to make wise choices and be successful,” revealed Camden.