by LIZ ONUFER | photo by Alan Smith Photography

High Grades, Great Goalie

As an eighth grader at Twin Peaks Middle School, Myra Oliveira spends most of her time between the classroom and the lacrosse field. A star student and strong athlete, Myra works hard to be her best in both her studies and her sports.


Myra has been recognized for her excellent GPA, earning over a 3.7 every year in middle school. She appreciates the role of her teachers in her academic achievement. One of her favorite aspects about Twin Peaks Middle School is that “the teachers care most about their student’s success,” she said. This doesn’t always come easy, though. “I was grateful to be placed in the advanced math program which pushes me to work harder for my grade,” Myra acknowledged. She has also found a passion for writing in middle school. She puts all this knowledge to good use by serving as a cross-age tutor at school.

Name: Myra Corinne Oliveira (13)
School: Twin Peaks Middle School
Grade: 8
Parents: Alex and Traci Oliveira
Siblings: Nicholas (18) and Elaina (15)
Favorite Local Spots: Aubrey Park

On the lacrosse field, Myra has played goalie for the last two years. She began playing in first grade after watching her older brother play. “I was so inspired by his playing that I attended a clinic with him,” she explained. “Unfortunately, I was the youngest child, which was very intimidating. I came home crying but went back and tried again the next season. I haven’t stopped playing since.” Today, Myra plays for the community lacrosse program, Girls Junior Lacrosse of Poway, and the travel league, West Coast Starz.

“They give me so much modeling, encouragement, and attention, it makes me strive to be my best.”

Looking ahead, Myra plans to use her lacrosse skills to play field hockey in high school. After graduation, she is thinking of a math or science degree from a four-year university. Her work ethic and desire to succeed are inspired by her coaches, friends, and siblings. “They give me so much modeling, encouragement, and attention, it makes me strive to be my best,” she shared.