by RICHARD D. MARKS, Founder and President

Wrong Way Richard

adv_rdm_management_richardAll through my high school days I played on the local basketball team called the Poplar Bluff Mules. I wasn’t a star player, nor a starter of the top five players, but I loved the sport. My shooting ability needed a little work, but I was good at applying defense. I could jump with the best of them, and I was quick on the court.

During one of our home games I was riding the pine as usual, glaring at the coach with optimism, hoping he would put me in the game. Several minutes went by when finally coach looked my way and said “Marks check-in, and relieve one of your teammates and apply that pressure defense.”

The coach called timeout, and we huddled up as a team, discussing strategy and execution. We placed our hands on top of one another, raised them high, and shouted, “GO team,” and went to our assigned positions. Excitement could not describe my feelings. We were on our home turf, I had friends and family in the stands, and the game was being broadcast live on the radio. This was my chance to be a part of something special, and a contributing factor for my team members!

My teammate was responsible for taking out the ball and passing it to me. My job was to take the ball down court and begin to activate the play or something like that. What happened next was somewhat of a blur. When my teammate tossed me the ball, I immediately began dribbling down the court as fast as possible. No one was at the opposing basket. This was my chance to score! Suddenly, I heard a faint voice from my teammate: “Richard what are you doing”? As I began to get closer to the basket and position myself for a dunk, hoping to drive the crowd wild, I realized I was at the opposing team’s basket. I somehow gathered my senses, and purposely missed the shot.

Before “WTH” was popular, I was thinking it.

Well, you can imagine the hometown crowd was in shock. They began to laugh, my teammate came over to me and ask me what was I doing, the buzzer rang, the coach placed me back on “The Bench,” and I was briefly humiliated!

My recovery from the teasing and the comments from live radio broadcasting was almost immediate. I realized I had made a horrible mistake for the right reasons. I simply wanted to help my team achieve success.

I share this story with you because all of us have experienced public or private embarrassment. It’s all part of life. The question is how do you move past it?

Are you stagnant in your career or personal life? Have you allowed people or situations hold you back because of a mistake or a bad decision you’ve made? If so, I would like to encourage each of you to forgive yourself and move beyond the pain. Life gives us second chances and then some. Move beyond your current displacement, press towards the mark of excellence within you, and achieve your goals without looking back.

Celebrate life failures; they lead to success. Expect great things to happen!

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