by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Brock Scott

Creating Meaningful Connections

faces_hubbell2When Annette Hubbell began her journey as an author, she knew it would be challenging. However, she had no idea at the time that the project would be a labor of love lasting 10 years. She began her work on A Spoonful of Grace, an original collection of 366 meal graces inspired by all 66 books of the Bible, after a lunch with a good friend. Her friend said grace before the meal, and Annette was struck by the fact that the mealtime prayer was so different than the one said in her own home. Annette decided to compile various mealtime prayers into a book. When she took her work to publishers, she was told that more was needed to make the book complete. She went back to the drawing board, earned a certificate in Apologetics from Biola University, and added short commentaries called Grace Notes on each Scripture. “If I had known early on what a formidable project this was going to be, I’m sure I never would have begun, but I’m so glad I did! Each day’s Scripture, Grace, and notes about the Scripture are designed to be read in less than two minutes. My aim was to capture attention quickly and help turn mealtimes into conversations about faith and values,” explained Annette, who is currently finishing another book tentatively entitled Eternity in the Rearview Mirror.

Name: Annette Hubbell
Profession: Writer, Actor
Community: Poway since 1979
Favorite Local Spots: Poway Lake, Starbucks, Borrelli’s for takeout, Carvers, Discovery Shop, Chuze

In addition to writing books, Annette is also a playwright. “In 2007, after retiring from my full-time position as general manager of a water district in North County, my husband and I decided to visit historical sites on the East Coast. At Gettysburg, I was inspired to write a one-woman play entitled Witness to Gettysburg,” revealed Annette. She performs the play at performing arts centers, community theaters, classrooms, and community organizations throughout San Diego County. Annette also made a movie adaptation of the play that was edited by 33-time Emmy winner Robert Gardner.

photos by Steve Abruzzo

photos by Steve Abruzzo

A San Diego native and animal lover, Annette enjoys the abundance of wildlife found just outside her Poway backyard. She and her husband, Monte, also volunteer through their church (The Church at Rancho Bernardo) and spend as much time as possible with their daughter, Amy and her husband. “I am fortunate to have all my time count as free time – though where that time goes is beyond me,” laughed this local Renaissance woman.