by KELLEY GUSICH | photos provided by Evo Enterprises, Inc.

One Yard at a Time

Evo Turf Makes a Difference with Commitment and Flexibility

In our environmentally conscious state of California, there are many reasons one might consider artificial turf. Beyond the obvious goal of having a green yard year-round without having to water or mow it, synthetic turf has no chemicals, no air pollution, and no bugs. Evo Turf/Evo Pavers is a synthetic turf and paver installation contractor serving Greater San Diego and Riverside counties since 2015. The three owners, Steven Lawson, Michael Mulder, and Lori Bradburn-Phillips, have professional and personal relationships spanning over a decade. “Each of us successful independently,” explained Owner/Manager Lori Bradburn-Phillips, “we realized that pooling our knowledge would provide great strength to our new business venture.” Although Evo is primarily synthetic turf and pavers, they do provide complete landscape and hardscape services for the customer who’d like everything done by one company.


“This is a very competitive market, and doing a great-quality job simply isn’t enough. We strive to offer great customer service to set us apart.”

Besides the earlier list, there are many other benefits to installing synthetic turf. It’s virtually maintenance free, and pets love it – it reduces ground fleas, dirt, and negatives associated with yardwork. There are certain tax benefits involved, and California has provided financing options which allow homeowners to finance a green energy improvement, for as long as 15 years! Evo Turf strives to inform customers as best they can about each person doing their part to go green, “one yard at a time!” For their own part, Evo Turf provides hybrid vehicles to the sales representatives as they are on the highways many hours per week.

The business has broad connections to the community. The owners all live locally and regularly attend chamber functions and trade shows, also sponsoring a youth baseball team. A notable reflection of this company’s character came when they recently viewed a news story about a customer who’d been taken advantage of by a synthetic turf company. The other company took her money and didn’t complete the project. Evo Turf reached out to the customer – who was also a military veteran – and completed her project at no cost. “It was only one customer,” Lori said, “but something we could do as a company to help someone who was devastated financially.”


Evo Turf has the flexibility needed to meet their customers’ budgets, schedules, and expectations. “This is a very competitive market,” explained Lori, “and doing a great-quality job simply isn’t enough. We strive to offer great customer service to set us apart from the rest through effective communication, having our finger on the pulse of each and every project from start to finish.”



Name of Business: Evo Enterprises, Inc. dba: EVO TURF/EVO PAVERS
Owners: Steven Lawson, Michael Mulder, and Lori Bradburn-Phillips
Manager: Lori Bradburn-Phillips
Years in position: 3
Year of establishment: 2015
Address: 10039 Prospect Ave. Ste. I, Santee, CA 92071
Phone: 888-434-TURF (8873)
Description of Business: Evo Turf is a full-service landscape and hardscape design company, with a primary focus on synthetic turf – knowing the business, offering exceptional products, and having the best installation crews in the region are the keys to Evo Turf’s success. Customer service and communication is Evo Turf’s #1 priority.