by KIENAN MORRISSEY, special to 92064 Magazine

How Poway Gets Its News

Poway high school’s newspaper has been around since the schools founding in 1961. Its name is The Iliad, named after an ancient Greek text; it follows along with the Titan theme.

The Iliad, while technically a school-funded club, is also an A-G class at Poway under the name of Journalism 2. The class is normally anywhere from 15 to 30 people and on the semester system has always been fifth period. Anyone in The Iliad is also the fifth period journalism class. “It feels more like a family then a class,” Editor-in-Chief Aileen Blomdal said.

The class is student-run with the help of a teacher/adviser. Currently holding that position is Terianne Libby. Mrs. Libby, as she is known, has a journalism degree herself and has been the Iliad teacher/advisor for over 20 years. “My role is to coach editors and writers and to help them make the best decisions possible for the paper,” Libby said.

On the student side of things, the operations are run by the editors-in-chief and the associate editor. They tell the page editors and staff writers when things are due and edit their work.

Staff writers are expected to write the majority of the articles, leaving some for the editors, and give their articles to their page editors. The page editors then make their corrections and then pass it along to the higher editors, where finally all articles reach Mrs. Libby for final corrections. After all articles are complete, they are put on a page with art and photos designed by a page editor using software called InDesign.

Lastly, it is sent to print. This process is repeated every three weeks; factoring in days off of school, The Iliad produces around 10 to 11 papers per school year.

“We are just here to tell the students stories,” Editor-in-Chief Katelyn Dali said.

KIENAN MORRISSEY is a senior at Poway High School. He is part of an internship program with 92064 Magazine.