by KIENAN MORRISSEY, special to 92064 Magazine

Running Back to Success

No matter what role you may play on Fridays, the overall mood and spirit of the school is dependent on the performance of our football players. A key part of any high school’s student spirit results from football games. Every student has an important role: ASB plans the pep rallies, the band and dance team perform at halftime, cheerleaders and the student section cheer on the team, and the athletes play hard under the lights. Everyone is included.

“The football team’s play can have such a large impact on the students’ spirit. A good night can have a student section on their feet yelling and always engaged the whole game. Meanwhile, a bad night can have poor attendance and leave students in the student section simply socializing, paying no attention to the score,” junior Craig Martins said.

In years past, Poway High School’s varsity football team has had less than par seasons, including a 6-6 season last year and a 1-9 season two years ago. Fortunately, with a decisive action to drop into Division 2, our Poway Titans have started off this year 6-0 with signature wins over Mt. Carmel and La Costa Canyon. Other wins include Bonita Vista, Mt. Miguel, Olympian, and a blowout win over Del Norte with a score of 56-6 in the homecoming game.

“Coach always says, ‘Play as a team because you’re proud to be a Titan and make all the students proud to be Titans too,’” varsity wide receiver and safety Matt Blackburn said. With each win, the Friday night lights seem to be getting brighter and brighter at Poway High.

KIENAN MORRISSEY is a senior at Poway High School. He is part of an internship program with 92064 Magazine.