by JENNIFER FRAKES photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Inspirational Entrepreneur

faces_dinerman2Hulabelle is a designer swim line especially created for women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer. Founded by Poway resident and breast cancer survivor Dana Dinerman, Hulabelle’s mission is to help women find an excellent quality swimsuit that is comfortable and a bit trendy. “The line was inspired by my personal battle with breast cancer. I found that after having a single mastectomy and no immediate reconstruction, swimwear options were very limited. I discovered this while shopping for a swimsuit for a tropical vacation. I wished that I had more options than the poorly made suits offered in medical shops. I decided to research and invest time and hard-earned money into a swim line,” explained Dana.

Initially, Dana used herself as the fit model for patterns, but as Hulabelle has grown, she has different survivors come to her home for fitting sessions. She also asks these women what they miss in a swimsuit when it comes to trends and fabric. Her fabric choices are based on durability, quality, and color options. “It is the best feeling when a woman who has been through so much and faced uncertainty finds joy in one of my swim pieces and it makes her feel fabulous,” related Dana.

Name: Dana Dinerman
Community: Poway/Green Valley
Profession: Swimwear Designer
Family: Married with one child
Hobbies: Traveling, horseback riding, cooking, enjoying family time

Dana is a San Diego native who now lives in Poway with her husband and six-year-old son. She earned an undergraduate degree and teaching credential from San Diego State.  Prior to the birth of her son, she taught high school level government and history. “I decided to stay home with my son until he turned five. When he was one year old, I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. I am currently fighting my second recurrence. I do not pay attention to the statistics because I feel that cancer does not decide when my time is up, only God can do that,” said Dana. She encourages those who are facing a breast cancer diagnosis to be advocates for their health, always get a second opinion, and when ready, join a support organization such as Living Beyond Breast Cancer and the Young Survivor Coalition.


A firm believer in giving back, Dana supports several charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society, City of Hope, and Jill’s Wish. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, horseback riding, and cooking. “I really love watching the golden sunsets each evening at home with my family,” said Dana.