by KIENAN MORRISSEY, special to 92064 Magazine

Change Is Coming

For the past year, Titans have been whispering in the halls about Poway High School changing its term format. Eventually those rumors would turn into a discussion and that discussion would lead to a decision. As the Poway Unified School District announced, Poway High School will be changing its term format to trimesters or a 3×5 in the 2017-2018 school year.

The idea of changing Poway High School’s term format system came up in October after a group of teachers offered the suggestion of considering other term formats. A few months later, Poway High staff proposed four different term format options: 2×8, 2×6, 3×5, 4×4. They then set up three separate referenda, each a week apart, where staff voted for whichever option they preferred most. This process went until the 3×5 term format was ultimately chosen. The 3×5 is a system with 12-week trimesters in which students take five classes at a time.

The cause behind changing the term format came from two major issues the school has dealt with in the past: the opportunity to remediate and advance. Due to the semester system, students who earn a D or F in classes had little chance to retake the class because there simply was no room in their schedule. On the other side, students looking to advance were limited on the number of non-UC/CSU A-G courses they were allowed to take. To fix this problem, the teachers decided on the 3×5 format because it is the best format that will meet Poway staff and students’ needs.

As many things are still not set in stone, what is set is that change is coming to Poway High – and with it, the chance to be better students in a better school.

KIENAN MORRISSEY is a senior at Poway High School. He is part of an internship program with 92064 Magazine.