by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Discipline & Commitment

talent_justice3The 2007 Witch Creek fires consumed the home of the Justice family. Raquel Justice, very young at the time, remembers crying, but that her mother told her to turn negative situations into good to triumph over tragedy. She and the family feel so grateful to the Poway community for coming together to aid them when their home was lost, and Raquel is loving her place in Poway as she, now 11, pursues a present and future as an actor.

Name: Raquel Justice
Age: 11
School: St. Michael’s School (Grade 6)
Parents: Rebecca and David Justice
Siblings: David (16), Dionisio (13)
Pets: Five dogs, a hamster called Beyoncé, and three fish
Favorite Place in 92064: Hiking, fishing, and playing with my cousins at Poway Lake

Raquel’s father is former pro MLB player David Justice. He was in the reality TV show Celebrity Wife Swap – Raquel’s first experience on television. She caught the acting bug from there. Next step was joining Gray Studios out of Los Angeles (with corresponding workshops in San Diego), which she feels “really got me prepared to get out there.” Raquel finds the ability to express herself to be something amazing. “But it’s really hard to be a normal kid sometimes,” she shared. Although she loves everything about school, from favorite subjects of literature, science, and religion to hanging out with her friends and learning new things, she’s recently had to take a leave from St. Michaels to be homeschooled. “I’m just gone to L.A. too much,” she explained.


Her latest acting achievement is a role on the television teen drama Recovery Road. The show stars Jessica Sula as Maddie, and Raquel played and will continue to play the younger Maddie. “I loved getting to know everyone,” she said. “It was one of the best experiences of my life!”

Raquel Justice is working toward a stellar future in the performing arts. Break a leg, Raquel!

Besides acting, Raquel loves to sing, dance, rap, and draw, and she’s also played sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, and gymnastics. She’d like to be a lead on a show in her future, or maybe have her own show, but other ideas include being an entertainment attorney, director, casting agent, or writer. Plus, she wants to buy horses and live on a farm. “This acting thing that I love so much takes a lot of time and discipline and commitment,” she confided. Her inspirations are God, her family, and actress/singer Zendaya. “I do know that I am very blessed and I thank you for taking time out of your schedule to interview me. Gotta go break a leg!”

Raquel Justice is working toward a stellar future in the performing arts. Break a leg, Raquel! 