by KELLEY GUSICH | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

To Dream of Impossible Things

faces_harrison1“I love being a writer because it gives me an excuse to ask anyone anything, so I constantly learn new things.” Guy P. Harrison had a childhood dream of writing a book. One day in 2007 he decided to stop dreaming and start writing, and that was, as they say, ‘all he wrote.’ Guy now has six published books and is working on three more – a science fiction novel, a nonfiction book about prehistoric people, and a book about all the fun and excitement found through scientific discovery. “When you put in the work,” he explained, “and aren’t afraid to fail, good things can happen.” The WHO’s Award for Journalism and a Commonwealth Media Award for Excellence in Journalism (among journalists in more than 50 countries) are just a couple examples of “good things.”

Name: Guy P. Harrison
Profession: Science Writer/Author
Community: Poway since 2010
Hobbies: Reading, writing, science fiction books and films, hiking, running
Favorite Local Spots: Poway Branch Library, Coffee Bean, Café Lily, Old Poway Park

faces_harrison3Originally a journalist and editor, those jobs gave Guy invaluable experience. “I have visited and written about many countries on six continents,” he said. While he has explored many genres, all his books to date have been nonfiction. “I am a passionate advocate for science and skeptical thinking,” he explained. “Far too much misery and waste in the world stems from irrational beliefs and sloppy thinking. I’m trying to help.” One of his favorite, most challenging accomplishments is Good Thinking. This book is about the human brain, its structure and function, potential and limitations, written in an accessible, friendly tone. “I’ve done many radio interviews and lectures and the feedback has been amazing,” Guy said. “People hunger to know more about the human brain. And this only makes sense because the brain is the beginning and end of us.”

“Poway is a writer’s paradise. It’s quiet, the people are nice, and the coffee shops have just the right vibe.” This being said, Guy’s favorite thing to do in Poway, by far, is spending time with his wife, Sheree, and their three children – two daughters and a son. “I’m so proud of all of them. They are my motivation and my source of contentment.” He concluded, “I also love movies, hiking, running, mountain biking, and dreaming about things that are impossible but just might happen.”

Guy’s advice for aspiring writers? “There is only one way to reach the summit of a mountain – one step at a time. Well, there is only one way to write a book, and that is one word at a time.”