by LINDA FRABL | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Benefiting Poway

volunteer_evens2Upon his retirement from the Air Force after 20 years of service, Blair Evens accepted a position as programs manager for Poway-based aerospace/defense manufacturer Rockwell Collins. Now, five years later, Blair, along with his wife and four children, is happily settled into his lovely Poway surroundings. Considering that his family used to have to move every three years due to his military schedule, Blair revealed, “This is the longest we’ve lived in one place, and we are proud to call Poway home.”

Blair is also proud that he can donate his time towards great local causes. His employer sponsors a FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Lego team, consisting of students from both Westwood Elementary and Chaparral Elementary, and Blair willingly volunteers as the team’s assistant coach. He said, “When I am teaching the team members how to develop both the code and the logic to have their robot perform difficult tasks, and then they tell me they got it and then they start coding themselves, it is my biggest accomplishment as a volunteer.”

Name: Blair Evens
Community: Poway
Volunteer Affiliation: FIRST Lego League, Jack-O-Smash Family Fun Festival
Profession: Site Leader/Programs Manager
Family: Wife – Mindy; Children – Lea, Shoshawna, Karlynn, Dylon
Hobbies: Fishing, hiking, camping, time with family

volunteer_evens3Blair’s employer also co-sponsors the Poway Jack-O-Smash Race and Family Fun festival, which benefits those with special needs. Just as he did last year, Blair is once again helping to develop a huge Pumpkin Plinko Board in which actual pumpkins are sent down a peg board ramp to drop into specific slots for prizes. Commenting on the ultimate reward from his voluntary labor, Blair exclaimed, “When a co-worker from my own facility brings me his special needs son who says, ‘Thank you!’ and gives me a hug, that is the beauty of humanity…knowing we are here for each other. My success is measured in the number of smiles from those who benefit from my commitment.”

Describing his favorite aspects of Poway, Blair stated, “I love its small-town feeling and that the community is truly family-driven. Also, I grew up in the outdoors and Poway emphasizes outdoor activity.” Blair especially enjoys Old Poway Park, and admitted, “It brings back fond memories of my own childhood at the city park. The only difference is I did not have that cool train going around the park!”

Group: FIRST Lego League; Jack-O-Smash Family Fun Festival
Purpose: Teach young engineers the beauty of engineering; help special needs children.