by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Meet Pauline Getz

For Pauline Getz, being a Rotarian and a long-time Poway resident is a source of great pride. “One of my favorite things about Poway is the unquestioning attitude of volunteerism. When anyone needs help, our friends and neighbors show up. That is so heart-warming and gratifying,” stated Pauline, who is currently the Poway Rotary president. She and the rest of the Rotary team are the driving force behind many Poway events and activities, including the Poway Days Parade. According to Pauline, she thoroughly enjoys serving the community through the Poway Rotary and is always happy to be with a diverse and delightful group of neighbors and friends. “My father was a Rotarian for most of his professional life. I love the principles of the organization, the friendships I’ve formed, and the opportunities for service,” said Pauline.


Name: Pauline H. G. Getz
Profession: Attorney
Community: Green Valley, North Poway since 1991
Interests: Golf, needlework, reading, old TV shows and movies
Favorite Local Spots: Lake Poway, in and around my home

faces_getz2Pauline and her husband have lived in San Diego since 1987, when they moved from Fresno. She is also a retired attorney who opened up her own firm, Getz & Associates, in 1996. “After I graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, I moved to Fresno. I went to work as a law firm receptionist, and after rising through the ranks to paralegal I looked around the legal community and realized that I could become a lawyer. So I went to law school and became an attorney in 1982,” related Pauline. In 2012 she began the process of winding down her practice, and she now devotes a large portion of her time to the Poway Rotary and St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, where she serves as chancellor.

In her spare time, Pauline enjoys golf, reading, cross-stitch, and needlepoint. Although she is extremely active in the community, Pauline also values quiet time at home with her husband and her beloved cat. “I’m actually rather shy and something of an introvert,” revealed Pauline.

Now that they are retired, Pauline and her husband would like to do more traveling to visit family members that are scattered throughout the nation. “I am the youngest of five children. My eldest brother lives in Los Angeles, but my other brother lives in Texas and my sisters live in Ohio and Idaho. We also have nieces, nephews, and godchildren who are big parts of our lives,” stated Pauline, who fully intends to continue living life to the fullest, serving others, and spending time with those she loves.