by LYDIA COBB | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Brothers. Umpires.

Poway natives and brothers Brett and Matthew Martin have a lot in common. They enjoy fishing, golfing, and hanging out with friends. And it’s on the baseball field where they’re making their marks. They started playing T-Ball with Poway American Little League (PALL) – continuing on to play baseball – and to umpiring as they entered their teens. The Martin brothers are aware of the challenges and rewards of umpiring. “Sometimes it is a call that you make that not everyone will agree with,” shared Brett. “The important thing is that you have to know the rules and just do the best that you can with what you know. It is also rewarding when the coaches and parents tell you that you had a great game and did a great job. It is also fun to be involved with the sport that I have loved since I was little.”

Names: Brett Martin (17, senior) and Matthew Martin (14, freshman)
School: Poway High School
Parents: Christy and Gary Martin
Favorite Place in 92064: Any baseball field


Matthew, a freshman at Poway High, was on PALL’s first 50/70 team that won a district championship. He also umpires for travel baseball teams along with Brett. “Most people are surprised about my age because I look younger than I am,” revealed Matthew, a recipient of the Cameron McAfee sportsmanship award by PALL for three seasons. Brett, a senior at Poway High, also received the McAfee PALL award and is honored with the John W. Coffey District 31 Little League Umpire scholarship. Brett is also in Pacific Umpires, a high school organization. He added, “I enjoy studying the rules with my father, who is also an umpire for Pacific Umpires.”

“It is fun to be involved with the sport that I have loved since I was little.”


In school, Brett’s into computer information systems. “It is very applicable in all situations,” he added. As Brett leads off on his senior year, he also works part-time at Domino’s Pizza. He plans to attend community college and transfer to a professional umpiring school. Matthew’s favorite subject is history, “Because it is really interesting learning about early American history and culture.” He added, “I love the school spirit of the Titans.” With graduation a few years away, Matthew shares that he would like to pursue a business degree. Back on their field of dreams, their favorite part of PALL is that everyone is supportive. As they begin and end their high school years, both brothers have their eyes on the game. It’s Fall Ball season!