by LYDIA COBB | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

A Writer’s Life

faces_ethridge1Novelist, freelance writer, and social media expert Maggie Ethridge chronicles life – as is. Her honest blog about her marriage (with her husband’s support) captured the attention of an eBooks publisher. Maggie blogged about what it was like when her husband was diagnosed with Bipolar II a year into their marriage. Her first book, a memoir, is titled Atmospheric Disturbances: Scenes from a Marriage (Kindle).

“It’s very gratifying to challenge the silence that still surrounds these issues in our communities, and to know that in doing so, other people who cannot speak up feel less alone,” shared Maggie Ethridge. Yet she finds having a published memoir is a delicate balance between their private lives and dialogue about her contributions toward understanding mental issues. “What makes my husband and me both tremendously proud regarding this memoir are the people who have reached out to say it has helped them or moved them,” she added.

Original short stories, plays, and poetry filled her childhood notebooks. Maggie was born in Mississippi and moved to San Diego with her family at age three, settling in Rancho Peñasquitos by sixth grade. Maggie reflected, “We never had much money, but we were always exposed to intellectual and natural riches.”

Name: Maggie May Ethridge
Profession: Writer, Editor, Social Media Manager
Community: Poway since 2004
Interests: Ancient Egypt, hiking, dance, human rights, coffee, literature
Favorite Local Spots: Old Poway Park, Hilleary Park (called The Red Park by our four-year old), Blue Sky Ecological Reserve trails

She taught preschool to be closer to their four small children as they were growing up. She and her family love to swim, hike, “get ridiculous,” hit the bookstores, and visit family. The oldest son is in the band Law based in Long Beach. Their younger son graduated as an EMT and plans to join the Air Force. Both younger daughters are still at home. Maggie also mentored a girl in foster care for seven years and included her like family. She’s now a young mother and Maggie is proud of what she has overcome.

Maggie currently writes for online sites The Mid and Purple Clover. A second book is a chapter away from completion and she also plans to publish a completed book of poetry. She suggests to young writers, “Read and write every day and pay close attention to the world.” She advises adult writers to “find your tribe” using social media and to submit works regardless of mood or frequency of rejection. With her first book a success, new chapters are coming from Maggie Ethridge.faces_ethridge2