by MEGAN LIGAS | special to 92064 Magazine

Titan Winter Sports

Let’s go, Titans! This winter season, Poway High student athletes are displaying their incredible talent in games, tournaments, and practices. Winter sports include soccer, basketball, rugby, girls water polo, wrestling, and roller hockey. These teams practice up to six days a week for two hours each day; many students are also juggling school, jobs, and extracurriculars. These athletes are truly dedicated to their sport.

Lauren Arendt, one of the captains of the girls water polo team, talks about their season. “So far our season has gone really well,” said Lauren. “We have a lot of new faces this year, but people are learning really fast and working really hard to make this season great.” Teamwork is vital for a successful sports team, and many friendships are made through the sport. One athlete described, “Everyone has to communicate and be on the same page to make things happen, so a lot of bonding on and off the field goes on.” For seniors on winter sports teams it is their last season participating on their team. One senior shared, “This is my last season to be the best that I can be, so I want to make the very best of it.”

On Feb. 6, Poway High’s ASB will be putting on a pep rally in the gym at lunch to celebrate the winter sports; there will be music, contests, and a lot of school spirit. To find more information about all winter sports visit the Poway High School website.

Megan Ligas is a senior at Poway High School. She is part of an internship program with 92064 Magazine and can be contacted at