by AMY LEHRER | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Calm Presence

Since local Green Valley resident Nancy Peart does not talk about her volunteer activities with many, most would probably be surprised she places herself in the midst of people’s grief and fear by volunteering for TIP, a trauma intervention program. She read about TIP in a local newspaper article shortly after retiring from PUSD as a health tech in 2001 and began her 50-hour training program at her local fire station the next night. A partner of the fire department, sheriff’s department, and local hospitals, TIP volunteers respond 24/7 to families who have experienced a death, a crime, a fire, or some other traumatic event. Nancy shared, “[I] respond quietly, with compassion, and with clarity to an often chaotic scene.” She or other responders will stay with the family for an hour or a day depending on the level of need. Then they’ll follow up with resource ideas. Nancy explained, “When I go out on a call to assist a family in crisis, my goal is to hold a hand and be a steady force as this family begins processing the tragic event that has just occurred.”

volunteer02Next fall, to celebrate going from local to national and remaining in business for 30 years, there will be a huge TIP fundraising event. For local communities to receive TIP responders, they must pay a stipend, from $4,000 to $7,000. Since not all communities have been able to afford it lately, Nancy hopes this year that stipend money will magically appear in city coffers. Volunteers from all backgrounds, ages 16 to 100 are always welcome. The required 50-hour training classes are offered twice a year.

When not volunteering for TIP, Nancy enjoys singing with the Rancho Bernardo Chorale, traveling with her husband, and cooking for and entertaining family and friends. A native who graduated from Hilltop High School in Chula Vista in 1965, Nancy met her future Jr. Naval Officer husband Doug on a blind date in 1973. They traveled around the world for the next 20 years before settling in Green Valley in 1992 when Doug retired. They raised two boys who now have families of their own, and Nancy and Doug love spending time with their four beautiful grandchildren. “We are fortunate that we get to spend a lot of time with these little ones – our greatest joy!” exclaimed Nancy.

Name: Nancy Peart
Community: Green Valley
Volunteer Affiliation: TIP (Trauma Intervention Program)
Profession: Retired Health Tech; worked for 11 years at Twin Peaks Middle School
Family: Married 39 years to Doug Peart
Interests: Traveling, cooking, singing

Group: TIP (Trauma Intervention Program)
Mission: To provide immediate help to victims of tragedy. “Citizens helping Citizens in Crisis.”