10 Tips on How to Use Water Wisely This Summer

  1. Plug the sink or bath instead of running the water to rinse your razor, or wait for the water to adjust to your desired temperature.
  2. Use your dishwasher. Dishwashers save more water and energy than washing dishes by hand. Energy Star dishwashers are more energy efficient than older models, so they end up reducing water waste. If washing dishes by hand, scrap food in the trash before washing, plug the sink, and then wash.
  3. Avoid playing with recreational water toys that require a considerable amount of water. Try water guns or water balloons for some fun in the sun.
  4. Instead of using the hose to clean sidewalks, garages and driveways, grab a broom.
  5. Recycle water. If you drop ice cubes, or need to get rid of water you used to steam vegetables, don’t waste it. You can use the water to feed plants, or turn the excess water into a soup.
  6. Check your hoses, faucets and appliances regularly for leaks.
  7. Place tissues into a trash can instead of flushing them.
  8. Purchase a plastic or aluminum water bottle. It will cut down on the amount of water you waste washing glasses.
  9. Wash your car on your lawn. That way your lawn will get watered at the same time.
  10. Join a community pool instead of wasting water on a personal pool at home.