by KELLEY GUSICH | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Roosters in the morning: When San Diego-born Steve Gilbert’s family moved into Poway the summer before his 7th grade year, hearing roosters in the morning came as a bit of a shock. “It’s the best thing that ever happened, though; I have so many great friends from Poway High that I still keep in touch with and I really enjoyed Twin Peaks Middle School and Poway High.” He and his wife never really intended to come back to Poway, but after much searching in many areas of San Diego, they decided a country feel with city amenities was the perfect combination.

Steve attended the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT, with a major in civil engineering. He then served his country for the next five years, and after going back to school to get his Master of Engineering, returned to San Diego. His major passion is and always has been working out: “I can remember as a small child standing in front of a mirror in the hallway with a chair and trying to come up with different ways to balance and do push-ups and sit-ups, so creating workouts has always seemed fun to me.” The difficulty came in balancing long work hours and family time with exercise.

He talked with wife Rebecca about making a video series built for busy people like them. “She was a little nervous about it,” he recalled, “but she supported me so we went for it.” That’s how Steve’s new pursuit, Gmax35, was born. Through his new business, he created a series of workout videos with aerobics, weight-training, and yoga techniques to help better his body and work ethic.
A background in coaching contributed to Steve’s decision to fulfill this goal. When he was still at the Academy, he coached a high school tournament team, and coached basketball for two years during his military service. Regular hikes up Twin Peaks Mountain and trips to Bikram Yoga helped as well. “I want to encourage people to make fitness a priority in their lives,” Steve said. “It is too easy to get caught up in the stress of work, e-mail and cell phones of today’s world and not make the time to work out.” The new, healthier Steve Gilbert is enjoying his life to the maximum!

Meet Steven

Name: Steven Grant Gilbert
Profession: Civil Engineer / Civil Engineering Manager
Spouse: Rebecca
Children: Steve Jr. (3½)
Community: Poway for 12 years
Hobbies/Interests: Exercise and Family
Favorite Local Activities: Cheering on the Chargers and Padres