Climbing to the Top

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego (BGCSD) help thousands of kids each year by providing fun and safe afterschool activities and camps for all ages. Out of those thousands, there are always a few who shine just above the rest. The Sulpizio Family Branch, located in Poway, is proud to present their Youth of the Year in Matthew “Matt” Herrera. Many students can confirm their struggle with school and grades, and Matt was no exception. After a rocky start with grades, he pulled them up to receive straight A’s for the school year.

“Matt told us he is grateful for our Youth Leader Sean who always encouraged him to get good grades and participate in sports,” said Katie Khasim, Supervisor of the BGCSD Sulpizio Family Branch. “He told us Sean taught him how to play lacrosse and how to be healthy.” Katie explained that Matt was chosen as the Youth of the Year because he displayed good grades and good character values.

Matt’s favorite subject in school is math, because he says it comes easy to him. This will assuredly come in handy when he’s older, as Matt wants to pursue a vocation in the medical field.

Matt said that he “wants other kids to know that the Boys & Girls Club is a great place for kids to go. It is fun and you get to learn a lot of things you never would have the chance to do.” To find out more about how your child can join the BGCSD Sulpizio Family Branch head to and click on Sulpizio Family Branch under the Locations tab.