by linda frabl | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

An Active Household

The Montgomerys have called Poway home since 1996. The household now consists of parents Tim and Ellen, three daughters (Timmell, 15, Mylen, 13, and Sky, 12) and Ellen’s mom (Janet). “The schools were our primary reason to locate in Poway,” Ellen recalled. Grateful for her daughters’ great education, Ellen eagerly volunteers for the Poway schools. She has served on Valley Elementary’s PTA Board, and assists with fundraisers for both Mt. Carmel High School and Meadowbrook Middle School.

Ellen and her family are also involved in College Bound San Diego. It’s an African American-focused community-based organization that strives for 100% of the enrolled children to achieve all of their requirements to graduate high school, and attend the four-year college of their choice. Ellen elaborated, “Through this group, children are held accountable to their selves, their families and their community. They are encouraged and mentored to be public speakers and leaders in their schools and communities, and they’re required to perform community service.”

“It is now a game to see how soon and how many people we know when we are away from Poway.”
–Ellen Montgomery

As for Tim’s volunteering stints, he has coached his daughters in basketball, soccer and softball. He also plays basketball in the Poway Men’s three-on-three league, and shoots hoops at the Meadowbrook rec gym. Tim joked, “That’s how I escape a house full of women!”

The Montgomery women are rarely at their house, however, as all three daughters have their own various pursuits. Timmell, who played JV volleyball at Mt. Carmel, will be trying out for the softball team. Mylen plays the piano, and Sky not only plays the trumpet and the piano, but is also a soccer fanatic. Tim revealed, “Being that we are very active in the activities that Poway offers, it seems that no matter where we go in San Diego, we always cross paths with someone we know.” Ellen added, “It is now a game to see how soon and how many people we know when we are away from Poway.”

Though Tim is a native Southern Californian, Ellen hails from Kentucky. After serving in the army, she moved to San Diego and met Tim while working at Cobham Defense Electronics (after twenty-six years, Tim still works there). Ellen is now an executive assistant at Sequenom. In their free time, the Montgomerys love traveling, and have been to Idaho, Texas and Washington, D.C. In the future they’d like to visit Florida, and explore the country’s National Parks (maybe they’ll encounter more Poway neighbors on these trips!).

Meet the Montgomery Family

Parents: Tim Montgomery (Father); Ellen Montgomery (Mother); Janet Belesky (Grandma)
Children: Timell (15) 9th grade at Mt. Carmel High School; Mylen (13) 8th grade at Meadowbrook Middle School; Sky (12) 6th grade at Meadowbrook Middle School
Community: Poway Estates since 1996
Hometown: Tim – Banning, CA; Ellen – Erlanger, KY; Janet – Detroit, MI
Profession: Tim – Lab Supervisor, Defense Electronics; Ellen – Executive Assistant; Janet – Cook and Chauffeur
Pets: No pets, but the girls are professional pet sitters