AT&T has expanded fast 4G LTE speeds and activated a new 4G LTE mobile Internet cell site in Poway to provide coverage for area residents and businesses, capable of delivering speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G.

Some of the upgraded sites are located in the Scripps Poway Parkway community and others are located in communities around Pomerado Road. The new cell site is located east of I-15 and north of Espola Road, providing 4G LTE coverage and capacity in the community of Poway.

This launch is part of AT&T’s Velocity IP (VIP) Plan, a three-year investment plan announced last fall to expand and enhance its IP broadband networks. Through this investment, AT&T is supporting its customers’ growing desire for high-speed Internet access and new mobile, app and cloud-based services. AT&T plans to add more than 10,000 macro cell sites nationwide by year-end 2015, as well as deploy more than 40,000 small cells and add more than 1,000 Distributed Antenna Systems to increase the density of its wireless network.

AT&T has completed several key network projects in the San Diego region, including Poway. These projects build on the nearly $750 million AT&T has invested in its wireless and wired networks in San Diego from 2010 through 2012.

“Demand for wireless speed is growing rapidly, and we are excited to bring these super-fast speeds to residents and businesses in Poway,” said Tammi Terrell, vice president general manager, AT&T San Diego.

AT&T has deployed two compatible 4G technologies to deliver more speed to more smartphone customers, which means AT&T customers can get 4G speeds on 4G HSPA+, unlike some competitors, where smartphone customers may fall back to slower 3G technologies when outside of LTE coverage.

Across San Diego and California, AT&T’s 2013 investments have resulted in expansion and enhancement of its 4G LTE network, which provides ultra-fast speeds. Nationwide, more than 225 million Americans have access to AT&T 4G LTE service. By year-end 2013, AT&T expects to cover nearly 270 million people and 400 markets with its 4G LTE network.

AT&T’s focus to deliver the best possible mobile Internet experience goes beyond 4G and DAS to embrace additional connection technologies. AT&T operates the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network  including more than 32,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots at popular restaurants, hotels, bookstores and retailers across the country, and provides access to more than 402,000 hotspots globally through roaming agreements. Most AT&T smartphone customers get access to the entire national Wi-Fi network at no additional cost, and Wi-Fi usage doesn’t count against customers’ monthly wireless data plans.

Over the past six years (2007-2012), AT&T invested more than $116 billion into its wireless and wireline networks across the country. Since 2007, AT&T has invested more capital into the U.S. economy than any other public company. In a September 2013 report, the Progressive Policy Institute ranked AT&T No. 1 on its list of U.S. “Investment Heroes.”