National Charity League, Inc. (NCL) Poway Chapter is committed to strengthening the mother daughter relationship through a six-year program of philanthropic work, leadership development and cultural experiences beginning when the daughter enters the seventh grade. Some moms belong for just six years, while others with several daughters have spent ten or more years as a part of the organization.

Becky Claudio joined NCL in 2002 with her oldest daughter Danielle. Marisa followed in 2004, Cilia in 2005 and Sierra in 2009. Becky will leave NCL when Sierra graduates in 2015. Cheri Kuptz, a founding member in 1999 and former chapter president, was active while her daughters Whitney and Kelsey were involved. After the girls graduated, Cheri remained a supporting member until her daughter Amy joined in 2010.

Both Becky and Cheri agreed that the best part of being in NCL for so long was seeing how the Poway chapter has evolved and having the opportunity to meet the many amazing women who make up the organization.

The chapter holds a Holiday Home Tour showcasing three beautifully decorated homes in Poway. Tickets are $25 with the proceeds going to support local charities and the Gayle Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Fund. This year’s event takes place on Saturday, Dec. 7. Tickets can be purchased at

The membership drive runs from November through January. Members reside, or have a daughter who attends a school, within the Poway Unified School District boundaries says Pam Myers, Vice President of Membership.
The Poway Chapter supports twenty-one different philanthropies. Last year, nearly 300 members provided more than 8,000 hours supporting philanthropies.

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