[heading]by Katey Beaton[/heading]

Summer. The word alone seems to have a blissful ring to it considering most of this season is a break from school. Many students are involved in diverse activities throughout their summer vacation. Some may be experiencing the opportunity of a job or internship, allowing the exposure of the workforce while others may take vacations to visit family or to experience the wonders of traveling abroad. There are also students who take on additional schoolwork during their break, either to repeat a course or maybe to get ahead of their A-G requirement for graduation. And certainly, every student takes a few days to just relax from their busy schedules. After all, summer is time to rest and become rejuvenated for the new school year.

While the summer of 2013 comes to a conclusion, it is time to prepare for the new school year ahead. As a member of the class of 2014, I know I am eager to begin my senior year. This year, Poway High School will be experiencing some changes. Principal Scott Fisher is retiring and Ron Garrett will be the new principal. Mr. Fisher will certainily be missed, while Principal Garrett will be welcomed with open arms.

Like the beginning of every school year, fall sports and the Emerald Brigade will start practice for preparation of their new season. These sports include cross country, football, girls golf, field hockey, girls tennis, boys water polo, and girls volleyball. Poway High School’s Emerald Brigade is preparing for their musically challenging and visually creative field show for the upcoming year. Practices will start in August to prepare for the exhilarating season ahead. Titan sports and visual performing art activities always seem to excel through each season because of student dedication and persistent preparation. The 2013-14 school year is sure to start of strong and accelerate throughout the year with the anticipated accomplishments of students, scholars, athletes and musicians alike – all with the guidance of staff, teachers, parents, volunteers, friends, counselors and the new administration. Go Titans!