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You’ve heard of the cardiologist named Dr. Heart, or the attorney named Mr. Law, but have you met the lawn aeration and landscape contractor named Scott Lawn? It’s true! Scott Lawn has been in business in Poway for 20 years and lived in Rancho Bernardo for 25. Scott has two sons, one of whom may carry on the name-sake profession when dad retires. “Alex, my 20-year-old, has worked with me for the past two years. He is a certified irrigation technician and hopes to take over one day. My older son, Brad, lives in San Diego with his wife and my two grandchildren,” said Scott.

When he isn’t talking to customers about the benefits of lawn aeration, Scott is involved in the community in other ways. He is a board member with the Rancho Bernardo Business Association, an honorary mayor of Rancho Bernardo for 2012-2013 and he volunteers his time with the SD North County Chamber of Commerce and Poway Chamber of Commerce to name a few. “I’m most proud of my role as a board member of the Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation. We provide grants to individuals and community groups from our endowment fund that we manage on behalf of the community,” explained Scott. “As a board member, we are given a chance to give back and it feels great!”timecapsule

One of Scott’s favorite events of the year is happening on Saturday, April 20. The Ranch Bernardo Community Foundation is putting on their annual event called “Hats Off to Volunteers” at Webb Park from 9 – 11 a.m. “I love this event because it honors those who volunteer in our community all year long, usually without much recognition,” added Scott. “It’s a great way to say thank you!”

Born in Illinois, Scott got started in retail in his early 20s and moved to San Diego in 1981. He began a business consultation and brokerage company with the idea of buying companies that needed a bit of help and then selling them for a profit. As it turned out, the first company Scott bought was a one-man aeration service, something he discovered he loved doing. That company, now Greenway Lawn Aeration (www.grnway.com), is a 10 person operation with licensed landscape contractors who do small and large jobs alike.

These days, Scott and his family love to hike Blue Sky Ecological Reserve and Lake Poway, and he likes to play golf and do weight-lifting workouts. If he were ever looking to change his name, maybe Scott should consider Mr. Goodlife.

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Name: Scott Lawn
Age: 63
Community: Rancho Bernardo
Profession: Irrigation lawn and landscape contractor