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Randy Auve, the founder and CEO of Ultimate Hair Dynamics describes hair loss as a non-prejudiced condition, affecting over 80 million men, women and children in the United States alone. “We offer quality hair restoration solutions that can change the lives of our clients and increase their self esteem and self image. We treat our customers like family, sitting down with them to figure out their particular desires and needs and articulate the best options,” said Auve.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics specializes in both surgical and nonsurgical hair restoration and has a team of doctors who perform surgical procedures. Auve stated that many clients opt for nonsurgical hair restoration where human hair is added into the patient’s own hair to add density, fullness, body and sheen. “If it is done right—and we do it right—no one will ever know. Patients can shampoo their hair, even go swimming and surfing without limitations,” revealed Auve. The hair can also be cut, blended, layered and styled according to the wishes of the client.

Ultimate Hair Dynamics has served the San Diego community since 1990, and according to Auve, the company philosophy has remained the same throughout the years. “Ultimate Hair Dynamics operates with the idea that if you give people personal service and a first-rate product, customers will stay with you. This formula has been the key to our success as a San Diego hair loss replacement center. We pride ourselves on making our customers happy through every step of the hair restoration process,” explained Auve. The atmosphere in the office reflects the mission of the company—the suites are private and comfortable, putting clients at ease and allowing for confidentiality.

Each member of the Ultimate Hair Dynamics team is a licensed cosmetologist and holds certifications in various hair restoration techniques. “More than half my staff has worked with me for over 17 years. We are always designing and testing different types of hair restoration. We attend seminars, training courses and use other educational tools to stay current,” related Auve. He and his staff also give back to the community, participating in events for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Wigs for Kids, an organization that provides hair restoration for children with hair loss due to a medical condition.


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Name of Business: Ultimate Hair Dynamics

Owners: Randy Auve | Founder and CEO

Years in Position: 30 Years in Industry, 22 years in San Diego

Address: 2221 Camino Del Rio South, #108, San Diego, CA

Website: www.sandiegohairloss.com

Phone: (619) 298-1111

Description of Business: Ultimate Hair Dynamics is a full service hair restoration clinic.  We specialize in the latest in surgical and nonsurgical hair restoration techniques, serving clients in the San Diego area.

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