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Each year the San Diego Performing Arts League sponsors the Star Awards to recognize the indispensable role that volunteers play in the arts community. Sabato Fiorello received the Star Award this past September for supporting PowPAC, Poway’s only community theater located on 13250 Poway Rd., by donating his art, designing sets, decorating sets, designing costumes, and acting. Kay Porter, a former Star Awards chair, suggested, “PowPAC is proud to count Sabato Fiorello among those who so generously give of their time to individual companies.” His service began in 2004 when Sherri Coulbern asked him to help her paint the back wall of the theater. Since then he has won fifteen awards for set designs, has served on the board of directors, has served as president, and is currently the vice president. His latest projects included designing the sets for Christmas Cactus and helping to plan PowPAC’s next fundraiser to replace the chairs in the auditorium. It will cost $10-12,000.00 to replace all of the chairs, and the plan is to have people pay for individual seats that will include their names. Sabato insisted, “If I could pay for it, I would have it done immediately.” Anyone wishing to know more about PowPAC should visit www.powpac.org.

Sabato Fiorello’s artistic career began early. He began painting when he was eighteen, his first art show was in 1969 and by the mid-eighties he was showing his art in professional galleries. In addition, he was a film editor and worked throughout Los Angeles. Later, Sabato admitted, “I got tired of the art scene.” He moved to Escondido in 2001 and now teaches art on Wednesdays at the Gay and Lesbian Center in downtown San Diego. “We paint and have a lot of fun,” explained Sabato. In addition to volunteering at PowPAC, he designs sets for Patio Theatre in downtown Escondido and recently won a set design award for his contribution.

[quote] “PowPAC is proud to count Sabato Fiorello among those who so generously give of their time to individual companies.”
~ Kay Porter

Former Star Awards chair [/quote]

Recognizing what is important, Sabato balances service and relaxation. He serves on the board of directors for his homeowner’s association. He appreciates our Southern California weather and his gorgeous garden that is set up against a hill near Lake Hodges. He loves eating at Chicken Pie Diner, reading romance novels set in 19th century Regency England and catching up with his three brothers each month. And Sabato predicts, “In five years, I think I will still be designing sets. I am alive and well!”

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Name: Sabato Fiorello
Age: 74
Community: Escondido
Volunteer Affiliation: POWPAC, Gay & Lesbian Center in Downtown SD, HOA for his community
Occupation: Retired
Family: 3 brothers

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