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Background I am honored to have served the past four years on the Poway City Council as a City Council member and as the Deputy Mayor of the City of Poway. I am also an attorney, as is my wife, Chris. I attended Thomas Jefferson Law School approximately 25 years ago. I ran a number of businesses including a pedicab, copy shop and a coffee cart to pay for school. I met my wife Chris when I sold her an apple off the coffee cart in 1984. I like fishing, hunting and long distance running. I have completed 11 marathons and my favorite run is the 10-mile through the Blue Sky Reserve.

Poway Home We moved to the Val Verde neighborhood about 20 years ago. We had two children with more on the way and wanted a family-oriented community that had great schools and a great quality of life. Poway fit the bill perfectly.

Made for Politics Our family has a tradition of public service with four generations of New York City cops and firefighters. My mother made it clear that life was more than just taking care of yourself and your family and that you have to reach out and help as many people and families as you can during your brief time on this earth.

Biggest Accomplishment Helping to establish the Veteran Park and improve the Meadowbrook, Valley and Arbolitos sports fields, all while delivering balanced budgets.

Poway Favorites The list can go on for pages. Our quality of life, including our trails, parks, schools, sports, library and our unbelievably family-minded community are just some examples. Also, Poway Lake concerts, Old Poway Park, the parade and Winterfest, Blue Sky and Iron Mountain Trails, Veterans Park, the Farmers Market and The Kumeyaay Interpretive Center.

The Family My daughter, Elizabeth, 23, attended Berkeley and works with the Lymphoma Society. Jimmy, 19, is an econ/accounting student at UC Santa Barbara. Norah, 17, is a senior at Poway High, a singer/songwriter, and the editor of the school newspaper. Patrick, 14, is a freshman and avid Lacrosse player.

One Wish for Poway That the city remains forever the quaint “city in the country” where people can live and raise their families in a community that values safe, clean streets, great parks and trails, and an unparalleled quality of life.


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Name: James Joseph Cunningham
Community: Val Verde
Since: 1993
Occupation: Deputy Mayor, City of Poway
Hometown: Bay Shore, New York
Family: Elizabeth (23), Jimmy (19), Norah (17), and Patrick (14)

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