[heading] by Jennifer Frakes | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography [/heading]

As Poway High School’s Student Services Director, Traci Barker-Ball helps students navigate through the difficult issues that face today’s high school students. “The Student Services Office is an extension of the counseling office. We deal with personal, social and crisis situations,” says Traci.

Traci, who has been a teacher and counselor at Poway High since 1983, advises an 88 member peer counseling club, runs special assemblies and awareness programs and provides one-on-one counseling. Although Traci admits that her work can be emotionally difficult sometimes, she loves working with students. “In my position, I have the opportunity to get to know the kids personally. I find it very rewarding to see the growth that takes place with students by the time they graduate,” says Traci.

[quote]“All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit PHS Student Services”~ TRACI BARKER-BALL [/quote]

In addition to her role as campus mom, Traci can also add published writer to her list of achievements. Together with her husband, Steve, she has written and published two novels – with two more on the way. According to Traci and Steve – who write under the pen name Lynn Evans – their first book, Bobbie Titan in the Mark of Kain, is a young adult paranormal novel about a boarding school for teenagers with superpowers. “All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit PHS Student Services,” says Traci.

Their second novel, The Valentine’s Game, is about a love-jinxed 21 year old looking for romance. Their third book, The Dragon Princess, is a fantasy novel due out this spring. They are also working on a sequel to Bobbie Titan. According Traci, she and her husband work well together, with Steve coming up with the initial drafts, and Traci editing the drafts into a tight and coherent story. “Our favorite collaborative moments happen during Saturday breakfasts, where we talk about next steps and plan future characters and novels,” says the couple who have been married for 34 years.

When Traci is not working at PHS or writing, she enjoys playing with her grandchildren and taking road trips with Steve. “We open up a map and see where it takes us for that day,” says Traci.

For more information about the books written by Traci and Steve, please visit www.lynnevansbooks.com.