Life is all about timing – just ask the Trafecanty family of Country Ridge Estates. Tom and Julie Trafecanty have their hands full with their family-run business,, Inc., and two active toddlers who are only three months apart. “We signed up with an adoption agency in the summer of 2008. In March 2009, we found out we were pregnant. Two months later, we got a call from a birthmother in Texas who wanted us to adopt her son. On August 11, 2009, Nathan Thomas was born and three short months later, on November 8, Madison Leigh was born,” says Julie.

While Nathan and Madison certainly keep the family busy, Tom, CEO of and Julie, a stay-at-home mom with a background in restaurant management and real estate, wouldn’t have it any other way. “We were truly blessed in 2009,” says Julie.

As for, Inc., Tom started that venture in 1997 as a side business while he was building his patient list at Mission Valley Chiropractic Center. According to Julie, Tom had just graduated from Los Angeles School of Chiropractic and was looking for ways to provide health-related products to his patients. “Now, twelve years later,, Inc. has over 20 employees, two showrooms and two warehouses and ships ergonomic and personal comfort items throughout North America,” says Julie.

In 2003, Tom relocated his business and his personal residence to Poway. Julie moved to the community in 2006, shortly before they got married. “We chose to get married in our backyard overlooking Poway – it was an amazing day and a priceless location,” says Julie.

Julie and Tom love the small town feel of the Poway community and have spent a great deal of time exploring Poway’s many trails and parks. Both enjoy snowboarding during the winter months and head to the Colorado River for water sports once the weather starts warming up. “We look forward to teaching the kids to snowboard and water ski once they are old enough,” says Julie.

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Parents:  Thomas and Julie Trafecanty
Community:  Poway, Country Ridge Estates
Since:  Tom: 2003, Julie: 2006
Occupations:  Tom: CEO Inc., Julie: Stay-at-home mom
Children:  Nathan (2) Rancho Bernardo Presbyterian Preschool
Madison (2) Rancho Bernardo Presbyterian Preschool
Pets:  Jayce and Ashley, Weimaraners

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