Just over a year ago, a group of four students at Poway High, Esteban Cervantes (18), James Bishop (17), Taylor Eldreth (18) and Robin Morris (16), came together to compete in the annual “Battle of the Bands” competition. When the school unexpectedly canceled the competition, they decided to continue playing together to see where their music would go. They quickly found that they all loved playing together and before they knew it they were writing original songs and lining up gigs. With their first single named “Sleepless” and their proximity to the ocean, the group came up with the name Sleepless Pacific. However, according to the band, the name holds a deeper meaning to each of them, but they like to leave it open for interpretation by their fans. (All members of the band collectively contributed to the information contained in this article.)

The band considers itself a rock/alternative band but says that they are influenced by a wide range of genres including blues, funk, rock and punk. “Our goal is to make music that uplifts, and inspires people to see the world through new eyes. We love making music and we will continue to do so for as long as we can. We are fortunate that we’re all friends off-stage and often hang out together, even when we’re not working.”

Although they sometimes play covers of other bands, most of the time they perform their own original music written by Bishop and Cervantes. A fifth member, Logan Nelson (18), recently joined the band and is also writing songs.

Sleepless Pacific has already performed at a number of venues, with their favorites being the San Diego County Fair, The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, the Poway Rodeo, Poway Winderfest, the Epicentre and Queen Bee’s.

As for the future, the band has been recording at a studio in Los Angeles and plans to release their debut album in 2012 (Bishop’s senior project at Poway High.) Also in the works is a benefit concert, new songs, music videos and other shows in Southern California. ¢