Stevie Nicole Porzak wrote her first song at the age of 15 and hasn’t stopped since.

Porzak and her best friend started writing country music together while playing guitar and experimenting with chords. “The singing didn’t come until much later though,” said Porzak, now 32 and living in Poway. “I was plagued with terrible stage fright – much too shy to let anyone hear what I knew I could do in my head.”

But as she got older, Porzak learned to let her fears go and, with support from her manager, became a performer. “He really believed in me and it gave me the confidence I didn’t know I had,” she explained.

These days, Porzak isn’t letting anything hold her back. Working with guitarist/engineer Tim Iler of Voltage Studios in Temecula, they have been recording her debut album – due out later this year.

Porzak also is making her acting debut in the upcoming motion picture, “Geezers”, scheduled for release in November. The film, which also features some of Porzak’s music, is a comedy about a group of mischievous senior citizens starring Tim Allen, JK Simmons and Kyra Sedgwick. “I was really excited to be a part of it. I make an appearance in the film as well and wrote some of the soundtrack, “ said Porzak, who is married to professional golfer Adam Porzak and mother of a 2-year-old son. “It was a really great opportunity for me and I had a ton of fun with it.”

Recently, Porzak was given the opportunity to write a song for singer Frankie J and actress/singer Fernanda Romero. And, if not busy enough, she also volunteers for “Stand up for Kids”, an organization that helps homeless and street kids.

But juggling multiple projects doesn’t appear to daunt her. “I think women were just made to do it all,” Porzak said. “As long as I keep my priorities straight – I’m a mom first and foremost – everything seems to fall in to place. It’s just time management and keeping a good balance in life, family and career. I think the best artists are the ones that are well-rounded.”

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Age:                 32
Residence:     Poway
Occupation:   Singer, songwriter, actress
Hobbies:        Playing guitar, photography
Family:           Married (Adam Porzak), son (Lukas, 2)

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